LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO Flagship store FIFTEEN_tre is in Center of Tampere. 

FIFTEEN_tre is a industrial aesthetic experience, store and hangout place. We reside on Aleksis Kiven Katu in the center of Tampere. LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO opened its doors for the first time on Valentine's Day 2020. Back then the Flagship Store offered black unisex avant-garde fashion to its customers, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or social status in other place, but in 2022 we needed new and bigger space, so we collaborated with False Dilemma and opened new store in new location. 

The world demands change and creation needs to be more sustainable and long-lasting. We want to offer you a style, products but most of all a sensation in our Aleksis Kiven Katu store. In addition to the LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO collection, FIFTEEN_tre offers products designed in a dark and avant-garde style from multiple other Finnish brands.

When you enter our store, we want the consumer experience to be more than just consumption. In our store we want to provide a full experience of our fashion world. We want to give you a breath of your everyday life, offer you a cup of coffee or perhaps a glass of bubbly.

Let your senses live, explore the world around you and feel accepted as you are.