Most of our ready-to-wear collection pieces are made by using ZERO WASTE technique. Meaning that we don't make textile waste in manufactury.



Products of LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO are made from materials that are all produced within Europe. We also use time-to-time recycled and excess materials. Excess materials that we use, (like linen in LINEN MULTIWAY we have found from tailor Anne Äikäs, and the origin for linen is from UNIIKIT) are from old factories or makers. Our SS21 collection will be mostly recycled and excess materials.

Our jersey materials (eko-cotton and bamboo viscose jersey) are made in Orneule in Orivesi near by Tampere. WE want to make sure that we know who makes our materials, and we want to use local manufactures as much as possible.



Every products of LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO are made in Finland. We want to make sure that we can stand behind every product, so we know who has been behind the stitching. As a small private company we want to do our part of responsible fashion business.



All LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO products are made in Finland. Our knits are manufactured in Kangasala (TamSilk). Our woven products are produced at Ompelimo Pau-liina in Tampere Härmälä. Some of the products we sew in our own studio in center of Tampere.



We want to fight against fast-fashion and protect our Globe. Our products are made to last, we make long lasting clothing by style and colour. Although we are young brand we have enough knowledge of our materials, We have been using same cotton in our pants from the begging cause we know from use that it will last long. Although cotton is not the most sustainable material, we can make it sustainable by using materials that last long for its quality.


LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO wants to be part of sustainable and responsible fashion world, and thats why we want to offer you a repair service. If your LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO item need some repair or re-design to be done please contact us via email and we will do our best to repair or re-design your product, so you can have more and more long lasting life to the item. Please note that we are not magician, and if we can not repair your item we will let you know how to recycle the item.


We don't have renting service yet in our ready to wear products, but we are working on that. But if you need something fancier and more festive we want to invite you to our studio. In our studio we have small collection of evening dresses and unique pieces that we want to rent for your need for events. Evening wear is usually used only ones or twice in a year, so why you need to own one when you can rent one.


Time to time LAURIJARVINESTUDIO uses leather in accessories. In our leather products we use excess leather. Designer Lauri loves leather as it is long lasting material, but as a vegetarian he wants to make sure that in LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO products we don't use any newly produced leather. Brand uses only excess leather, our excess materials are from PIHKA Collection or from old leather garments.